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Hello Friends!

As a child, my first exposure to the world of art was through painting, and it has remained an integral part of my artistic journey. While exploring various other mediums like sculpting and filmmaking during my high school years and now photography, I've always cherished the essence of painting.

Painting has a unique allure that captivates me—the romance it exudes and the appreciation it demands for intricate details. This fascination with detail has translated into my photography work, where I'm known for being meticulous.

Around six years ago, I ventured into painting my own backdrops. Although my colleagues and friends encouraged me to open a shop and sell these creations to photographers, I initially hesitated. Sharing this form of art felt deeply personal, and I felt somewhat daunted by the idea.

However, everything changed after a profound conversation with my dear friend, Andres Georgiou, during our time in the South of France. He inspired me to embrace confidence as an artist and stay true to my craft. Fueled by this newfound determination, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and extend my photography business to open a shop catering to photographers.

This journey has been nothing short of beautiful so far, and I eagerly look forward to what the future holds. It's incredible to witness how my passion for painting has merged with my photography expertise, leading me to this exciting endeavor.

xx, April

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